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Strike a balance between security and UX to achieve a win-win situation

“Authentify AI solutions perfectly address the crucial objective of finding the sweet spot between establishing trust in the user’s real-world identity and minimizing friction in the user experience (UX). KYC is a delicate process that requires balancing these two aspects. On one hand, it is essential to verify the identity of users. On the other hand, excessive onboarding efforts may lead to customer attrition. According to Gartner*, achieving this balance is challenging. However, Authentify AI solutions excel in the identity proofing and affirmation industry by precisely achieving this objective.”

How Authentify AI Streamlines KYC

Boost CX and conversion rates

Onboard more customers—both remote and onsite—successfully through a seamless, fast, and reliable process powered by advanced document and biometric verification.

Accept customers from anywhere

Identify your customers with the help of the world’s largest document template database, which contains national IDs, passports, driver’s licenses, and more. Whatever they provide, it can be found among the 12,000+ templates.

Prevent fraud from the get-go

Take advantage of AI-powered cross-checks and make sure fraudsters can’t access your service. Authentify AI performs face matching and analyzes the data from the visual zone, MRZ, RFID chips, barcodes, and holograms for any inconsistencies.

Increase operational efficiency

Get rid of time-consuming and error-prone manual registrations. The advanced OCR technology instantly processes embossed, engraved, typed or printed text, and automates entry of over 600 data types.

Scan, Verify, Comply


With Authentify AI SDKs, you can build a fully customized KYC that serves your business needs best. Plus, you’re always in control of your data, as it’s handled on-premises and none of it is transferred to any third parties.

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Why Authentify AI ?

30 years of experience

With 30 years of expertise in forensics and cooperation with Interpol, Europol, and national banks, Authentify AI ensures that any ID can be verified, and any fraud can be detected.

Serves as a one-stop shop

Get a complete toolkit to design an identity verification process without the need to manage several moving parts from different vendors.

Industry trailblazers

In-house R&D, proprietary manufacturing, and in-demand experts from forensic labs ensure the fastest innovation time to market. Customizable to your product or service needs.

Premium support at your fingertips

A team of in-house support experts is always ready to help you with SDK implementation and any product-related issues.

The largest library of documents

The comprehensive database is based on deep forensic analysis and includes over 12,000 identity document templates from 248 countries and territories.

100% compliant

Authentify AI provides a border control level of security: it’s deployed strictly on-premises and doesn’t collect, store or transfer your data to third parties.

Technologies Used

Document type identification

Verify data from 12,000+ international documents using AI and ML.

MRZ reading

Scan and cross-check data from machine-readable zones.

Credit Card Reading

Verify and extract data from credit cards with OCR and AI

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Convert typed or printed text into digital data.

RFID reading

Verify documents equipped with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips.

Liveness Detection

Examine the liveness of a person with AI and machine learning algorithms

Face matching

Make sure that a document’s presenter and its owner are the same person.

Barcode reading

Recognize all kinds of barcodes to accelerate operations.

Hardware-Assisted Authentication

Scan documents anywhere with pocket-sized verification tools

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